An eulogy for the living

Was it my fault for trusting your eyes from the moment they met mine?

Was it yours for that your lips were telling lies from the moment they saw mine?

From the very first day, you offered my broken heart a shelter,

Until the very last day, leaving it more homeless than before.


My pain is not about love or promises of forever,

It is of that mysterious connection no one could explain,

Not even we understood what seemed beyond a love or friendship;

The connection we shared, which was simply them both.



My tears are not about you leaving or of your broken promises,

They fall for the ease at which you never looked at me the same.

They are shed for that you broke this connection that we had,

The bond which let us soar so incredibly high and fall so devastatingly low, but never break apart.



I knew that one day our love might end,

But I never knew your heated soul could turn so cold,

I never thought your burning stare could go so blank.

I never knew you would treat me like a mistake you wish never had happened

and I never imagined the ease at which you’d hurt me without the slightest guilt.


It’s okay though, since you are not the person I once fell endlessly in love with.

You don’t share his pure intentions and selflessness written in his eyes,

I am not mourning the person you left me as, I am grieving for the man you once were.

This is how I know it’s really over, because there is no way I could love this guy you’ve chosen to become.


The love I have for you, I will carry in my heart until the day I die,

And the guy I fell in love with, I will mourn until the day I meet him again maybe after that.

The tears I shed are no longer about the boy who’s left me, they fall for the death of the man  you once used to be.


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