Quetiapine triggering a dangerous mania episode?

So for a few days I was left completely useless. Paranoid, irritable, hysterical. I was unable to sleep or eat, and I was hallucinating like crazy. I had never been that bad. What I noticed, however, was that it always got worse towards the evening. I started speculating – could this be induced by one of the medications I’m taking? Being a neuroscience student myself and being able to read research papers and understand them, I started looking for answers.

Not too long into my search I found studies that show how low doses of Seroquel can induce mania in bipolar patients. Here are just a few:





Since I have stopped taking quetiapine, I have slowly returned to normal. I am only taking a mood stabiliser – lamotrigine for the moment. I have another month to go before I can see my psychiatrist, and I’m hoping this lasts.

This post is nothing more but a warning to those, who have experienced worsening of their symptoms while taking quetiapine. It might be worth talking to your doctor about. The links above are not forums or news articles, they are genuine, peer-reviewed published scientific research papers.


Be careful x


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