I want to be happy, but…

"I just want to be happy" I imagine¬†every single on of us have said or thought this at some point in our lives and many of us, including me, have been striving for just that - happiness. However, since reading his book "Rules of Life", I can't get Richard Templar's words out of my head.... Continue Reading →


An eulogy for the living

Was it my fault for trusting your eyes from the moment they met mine? Was it yours for that your lips were telling lies from the moment they saw mine? From the very first day, you offered my broken heart a shelter, Until the very last day, leaving it more homeless than before.   My... Continue Reading →

Do you ever just get so incredibly annoyed at yourself for not having recognised that you're going manic? Like I've fully shown all signs of it for the past 2 days and now that the insomnia and overemotional reactions to the smallest things have kicked in, I get it. But a part of me is... Continue Reading →

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